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Today I’m starting something new. I’m creating a place where we post about products and services that we love and recommend.

The first product I want to tell you about is WebinarJam Studio. They are running a special that expires tomorrow night (Tuesday, April 21) at midnight Pacific time. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee, so I recommend that you go buy it now, and test it out over the next 30 days.  If there’s enough interest, I will hold a free training webinar on how to use it.  Just post “I want free WebinarJam Studio training” in the comments below.

I’ve been using this software for a couple of years now and I love it. AND, they just released a new version that has some incredible features.  It overlays Google Hangouts and provides the following capabilities:

  • unlimited attendees
  • unlimited webinars
  • webinar registration (free or paid)
  • webinar reminder emails
  • webinar follow up emails – send links to replays, etc after the webinar is over
  • live chat room where participants can interact, or you can make it private so only webinar admins can see the chat and/or questions
  • can invite someone into the webinar presentation room
  • go to WebinarJam Studio to see all the details

More Features:

  1. Studio Control Center™ – everything you need to Create and Control every aspect of your webinar in one highly customizable interface

  1. Attendee Spotlight TM  – now you can invite ANY of your Webinar Attendees to instantly become a guest, host, or presenter in your webinar at anytime.

  1. Hybrid Webinars TM  – Preload up to 5 videos and go switch back to LIVE when each video is done. It’s like your Personal On Demand TV Studio

  1. Active Offers™ – we took a page from QVC and added 2 tools to increase both Urgency and Scarcity that’s guaranteed to increase your closing percentage.

  1. Feedback Flow™ – display key questions, comments, testimonials & new buyers with a simple click of a button

  1. Replica Replays™ – during your replays recreate the same excitement a live attendee gets by incorporated the live Chat Community exactly as it took place during the Live Webinar

  1. Jams on Demand™ Marketplace – with a simple check of a box when your Webinar Configuration is completed, your upcoming Webinar is added to the Jams On-Demand market

  1. Replays on Demand™ – your Webinar REPLAYS can ALSO be a part of the Jam On-Demand Marketplace. Now, you’ve got a continuous way to capture new registrants, and an always-on replay offer to generate new sales and profit.


Time is running out before the WebinarJam Studio™ Grand Opening sale comes to an end.

Do yourself a favor and go watch this video now and take advantage of this powerful opportunity for your business today.

By using the above link, they will give us a small commission on the sale,, but as I mentioned, I have been using this for a couple of years now and I love it. I don’t recommend things unless I truly believe in them.

The price will go up from $297 per year to $397 per year at midnight tomorrow, so I recommend you go ahead and get it now. They have a 30 day money back guarantee, so that will give you time to make sure it meets your needs. BUT remember, the Grand Opening closes in a little over 72hrs and these benefits will be going away for good.








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