Why Webinars are a Great Marketing Tool

Did you know that webinars are a great way to sell products and services? Hop on a webinar, talk for 30 to 60 minutes and sell some products right there on the spot. Then rinse and repeat as many times as you like. It’s fairly easy, and the more you do the better you’ll get.

But for many marketers, it’s scary to get on the Internet and talk to tens, hundreds and maybe even a thousand people at one time. “Me? Talk for an HOUR? To PEOPLE?” Don’t worry about it… Just do it! Over time, you’ll get comfortable with the process, and you may even learn to love doing them! One of my biggest fears early in life was public speaking, but I learned to overcome the fear through practice and repetition. I faced my fears head-on and just did it. I even sing Karaoke on occasion to break through more of the fear barriers! If you’re afraid or uncomfortable, start out by doing “semi-live” webinars with just a few friends and family watching, You can record the webinar and review it afterward so that you can learn from the experience.

Another thing to consider is that webinars mean almost instant and highly targeted traffic for you. If you partner with others who promote your webinar to their lists, their people will flock to your site to sign up.

Webinars create instant products in themselves. You can SELL your webinar if it’s packed full of good info. Think about that – what better way to create an instant product than by talking to an audience for an hour? Or you can give your webinar recording away as a list building incentive of your own.

Plus, webinars can be REPLAYED to make even MORE sales. Again, you record it once and you can set it up on your own website to make more sales. You can also let your list-owner partner put it on their site as well, or send more traffic to your site to listen to the webinar.

Here’s the kicker you probably never even considered: Webinars are one of the best ways to build your own list. You partner with someone, they send traffic from their list, you get (for example) 500 sign-ups and 150 of those attend the webinar. 15-30 of the attendees buy your product, and now you have sales AND a new list of 500 people!

Webinars provide quality traffic, high conversion, partnerships and quick product creation for both free and paid products.

Webinars are truly great for selling products because nothing gets people more excited to buy your product than hearing from you – the expert – on how they can achieve their goal.

Imagine if you do just one webinar a week – what could you accomplish in your business?

I’ve been using WebinarJam to deliver my webinars, and I highly recommend it. Go here for more information: http://infoteam.wpengine.com/infoteam-recommends-webinarjam-studio/.


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